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Hosting a destination wedding—bringing your loved ones to a location that holds deep meaning to you and your story—is the highest form of personalization. 

From the mountains of Montana to the rolling hills of Tuscany and the Lowcountry of Charleston, Elizabeth Lanier will gladly accompany you wherever the celebration takes you.

destination wedding photographers Documenting Meaningful Wedding Weekends Near and Far

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Specializing in experiential wedding weekends in meaningful destinations, with a photography style defined as honest, effortless, and enduring. They provide an all-encompassing story of the wedding weekend by blending documentary and editorial methods.

Their skill at documenting genuine moments inspires discerning couples worldwide to entrust their most meaningful memories to Elizabeth Lanier. 

Images that become more valuable with every passing day.



When not en route to their next wedding destination, 
Sarah and William can be found enjoying the outdoors and splitting time between their offices in the southeast and mountain west.

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On your wedding day, we will document both the curated details, and most importantly, the beautiful moments that unfold naturally throughout the day. Along with the big expected moments, we find immense joy and beauty in the quiet in-between moments—the hidden squeeze your grandmother gives your mom when you walk down the aisle, the smile-through-tears as your father gives you away, the look in your groom’s eyes when he sees you for the first time as his bride.

Our photographs will always transport you right back to how you felt in these moments, no matter how many years have passed.

What we believe

Theodore & Daniella, Ravello, Italy

"Sarah Elizabeth immediately made us feel at ease as she took photos of us around Ravello and went for shots that felt very natural. She is efficient and worked quickly and effectively so that we had plenty of time to enjoy the weekend with our friends and family.”"

"If we could use one word to describe working with Elizabeth Lanier it would be EFFORTLESS. They have a gift for capturing images that you can feel, almost like you are reliving that exact moment."


"The Elizabeth Lanier team seamlessly blends into the moment and is able to take the most incredible shots. They are thorough, personable and professional! Anyone would be lucky to work with them!"

Lindsey Boyce Planning & design


Recognizing that each celebration is unique, Elizabeth Lanier creates tailored service offerings based on the hours of weekend coverage needed and the desired ways to showcase the art in your home.

Our team will then work closely with the planning team to create a photography timeline that meets each client's specific goals. 

Tailored Offerings


The Elizabeth Lanier team has photographed hundreds of weddings and their skills, efficiency, and natural collaboration have earned them exclusively five star reviews from clients, clients’ parents, and top industry professionals.

The Elizabeth Lanier team creates an environment where everyone can relax and interact naturally resulting in beautiful photos that reflect exactly how the weekend FELT. 

An Effortless, Efficient Team


Elizabeth Lanier clients receive beautiful images with a level of service that is both professional and discrete. We understand that presentation and experience matter.

On a wedding day, we quickly become much more than photographers—we create a calming, encouraging, and uplifting atmosphere through our can-do attitude and a genuine care for our couples. No task is too insignificant to ensure our clients and their loved ones feel comfortable and cared for.

Professionalism & Positivity




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Our portfolio is a testament to our team's extensive experience documenting multi-day destination wedding celebrations globally. We understand the complexities and nuances of capturing events in far-flung locations, which is why we place special emphasis on tailoring the experience to suit the unique needs of each wedding and couple.  

Our meticulous planning and location scouting ensure that we are well-prepared to photograph the most meaningful moments of your weekend. By working closely with you and your planning team to understand your vision, desires for photography, and the essence of your celebration, we create a personalized approach that highlights the beauty of your destination and the authentic emotions shared between you and your loved ones. When commissioning Elizabeth Lanier Photography, you can trust that your destination wedding weekend will be captured with the perfect blend of artistry, expertise, and heartfelt attention to detail. 

We craft each offering to the specific weekend events and needs of our clients. Inquire below to share more about your destination wedding weekend. 


Want beautiful fine art travel prints for your home? Peruse our travel work below.

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We are experienced in handling all travel and accommodation logistics. Travel expenses are typically included in our photography offerings to ensure a seamless experience for our clients and planners. By choosing Elizabeth Lanier as your destination wedding photographer, you can trust that your meaningful moments will be documented with artistry, expertise, and a personalized touch. Inquire below to discuss how we can make your destination wedding weekend a memory to treasure forever.

How do you handle travel and accommodation for destination weddings?

Absolutely! We understand that each client's destination wedding needs are unique, and we are happy to provide a tailored proposal based on your weekend's specific requirements. 

Can you provide a TAILORED PROPOSAL for my destination wedding photography needs?

We take on 12 commissions each year and  recommend booking at least 6-12 months in advance. This allows ample time for planning, location scouting, and any necessary travel arrangements.

How far in advance should I book a destination wedding photographer?

Our destination offerings are designed to provide comprehensive coverage of your weekend. Flexible coverage offerings allow clients to ensure all of their events are documented. Printing rights to the images are included in each commission. Destination engagement sessions, luxury albums, and prints can be added to each collection. 

What is included in your destination wedding photography collections?

We work closely with each planning team and their clients to understand their vision, preferences, and expectations, ensuring that the images from the weekend authentically reflect the essence of their celebration and WHO the couple is together. 

How do you approach destination wedding photography?

We have photographed weddings in a range of locations, including venues like Villa Cimbrone in Ravello, Italy, Palmetto Bluff in Charleston, South Carolina, The Yellowstone Club in Montana, and many more. See below for the complete list of places we’ve worked.

Where have you photographed destination weddings?

With years of experience photographing weddings globally, we have developed a keen eye for capturing the authentic emotions, stunning backdrops, and intricate details that define destination weddings. Our commitment to tailored service and client satisfaction ensures that your love story is beautifully document and preserved for a lifetime.

What sets you apart as a destination wedding photographer?

A destination wedding photographer specializes in capturing the unique atmosphere and beauty of your chosen location. Their experience in various environments enables them to adapt to different lighting conditions, cultural nuances, and logistical challenges, ensuring that your wedding photos reflect the true essence of your special day.

Why should I choose a destination wedding photographer?

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iii. tropical

i. St. Lucia, Caribbean 
ii. Harbour Island, Bahamas 
iii. Turks & Caicos
iv. Eleuthera, Bahamas 
v. Nassau, Bahamas 
vi. San Juan, Puerto Rico 
vii. St. Kitts, West Indies
viii. Tulum, Mexico 

ii. europe

i. Tuscany, Italy
ii. Ravello, Italy
iii. Florence, Italy
iv. Venice, Italy
v.  Lake Como

i. Banff, Canada
ii. Jackson, Wyoming
iii. Aspen, Colorado
iv. New York City
v. Highlands & Cashiers, NC
vi. Miami, Florida
vii. Bluffton, South Carolina
viii. Big Sky, Montana
ix. Boca Grande, Florida 
x. Charlottesville, Virginia
xi. Sun Valley, Idaho
xii. Atlanta, Georgia
xiii. Nashville, Tennessee
xiv. Asheville, North Carolina
xv. Bedford, New York
xvi. Sedona, Arizona
xvii.Charleston, South Carolina 
xviii. West Palm Beach, Florida
xix. Napa, California
xx. Park City, Utah


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Are you hosting your wedding weekend in a beautiful, meaningful destination? 
We would love to talk with you! 


We love traveling and our business has been intentionally built around meaningful destination events. We are truly dedicated to exploring, adventuring, and working all over the world, and would love to learn about your celebration, wherever it takes place.