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Named Top 15 Most Published Photographers
by Style Me Pretty


i. Professionalism and Positivity

Elizabeth Lanier clients not only receive beautiful images, but also a level of service that is both professional and discrete. Our team has serviced elite clientele around the world and we understand that presentation and experience matter. On a wedding day, we quickly become much more than photographers—we create a calming, encouraging, and uplifting atmosphere through our can-do attitudes and a genuine care for our couples. No task istoo insignificant to ensure our clients and their loved ones feel comfortable and cared for.


Ii. An EFfORTLESS, Efficient Team

Together our team has photographed hundreds of weddings and their skills, efficiency, and natural collaboration has earned them nothing but five star reviews from clients, clients’ parents, and fellow top industry professionals. Sarah Elizabeth’s artistic eye and technical expertise combined with William Lanier’s calm and kind personality creates an environment where everyone can relax and interact naturally. The Elizabeth Lanier
team cultivates a setting that consistently results in beautiful photos that reflect exactly
who the couple truly is. 

iii. Custom Offerings and Exclusive Client Resources

Recognizing that each celebration is unique, Elizabeth Lanier creates custom service offerings based on the hours of coverage needed and the desired ways to showcase the images at home post-wedding. Upon booking, all clients receive an exclusive client guide, which leads them through the planning process. This guide includes expert advice from many years of working in the industry, recommended lists of top industry professionals, and a sample photography timeline to aid in the initial stages of planning. Our team will then work closely with our couples and their planners to create a photography timeline
that best suits each wedding's specific needs. 

iv. peace of mind

Nearly all of the celebrations Elizabeth Lanier photographs are multi-day destination events and no matter where in the world they take place, the logistics are well thought out in advance. We value the opportunity to photograph new locations with a completely fresh perspective and plenty of creativity. In addition to the setting, we revel in getting to know our couples, and while it’s common for us to meet clients for the first time in person
that weekend, a pre-wedding session in the days before the wedding provides the opportunity for couples to grow comfortable in front of Elizabeth Lanier's cameras and for us to continue to familiarize ourselves with our couples.


Since day one, we have photographed weddings as a team. Will knows what I need before I even have to ask, and ensures our photography process is efficient, fun and easy. Together we have photographed over 100 weddings across the globe, and we've received over seventy 5 star reviews, from clients, parents and fellow top industry vendors. Will's warm, kind personality, combined with my calm, efficient photography skills creates a calm environment for our clients. The result is space to interact naturally, and beautiful photos that reflect who you are as a couple. Our past clients most often tell us how easy their photography experience was; like they've just hung out with old friends.

IIi. Custom Coverage & Unique Client Resources

Our custom offerings allow you to create a collection based around the hours of coverage needed & desired heirloom products. We'll work with you and your planner to create a custom timeline, and no detail is too small to ensure your day runs smoothly. A detailed questionnaire and a number of phone meetings prior to the wedding let our team know exactly which moments, details, and guests you would like prioritized. Our creative vision & artistic talents enable us to artfully capture these priorities, while always allowing your day to unfold naturally and seamlessly. Upon booking you'll be gifted an exclusive client guide which leads you through the planning process, lists pro tips, recommended vendors, and a sample timeline to help you envision your day.


Nearly 100 percent of the celebrations we photograph are destination weddings; we have perfected the logistics and processes of capturing each wedding day, no matter where in the world it takes place. We cherish the opportunity to photograph new locations with a completely fresh perspective. Often, the first time we meet clients face-to-face is at the rehearsal. A pre-wedding session in the days before the wedding provides you the opportunity to grow comfortable in front of our cameras before the main event, as well as the chance for both parties to get to know one another in person (though plenty of pre-wedding communication means we will often feel like old friends by this time).


Sarah elizabeth & 
William lanier

Internationally acclaimed photography team for those who want to remember how their wedding day FELT.

"I would know an Elizabeth Lanier wedding from a mile away. It's in the light that Sarah Elizabeth captures just so, the quiet moments that sneak in with a sense of purpose and intention, the laughter and the beauty and the subtleties that permeate every photograph that she takes. Sarah Elizabeth isn't simply a wedding photographer. She is a true artist, she is a storyteller, and she is extremely talented. I feel so lucky to get to share her work with our audience."
Abby Larson,
Founder of Style Me Pretty