"Everyone who knows me will grow tired of hearing me sing Elizabeth Lanier’s praises. Is the team that good? YES, their incredible talent truly warrants this type of admiration. Aside from Sarah Elizabeth’s mind-blowing abilities behind the camera, she is the most kind-hearted and wonderful person. Sarah has a gift for understanding that she is not just taking photos, but capturing the soul and emotion of a moment, one you will look back on and cherish for the rest of your life. If you’ve seen Sarah’s photography you will understand that she does not need a review. Simply, her work speaks for itself. Sarah and her amazing husband Will showed up early to our wedding weekend to scout and plan ingenious opportunities to shoot us in breathtaking, off-the-beaten-path locations. The two worked fervently and brought a fresh perspective to shooting our celebratory weekend. Every moment spent with Sarah and Will was serene and gave us an opportunity to reflect on the momentous occasion.Photography is a very intimate aspect of a wedding and we were so lucky to have had Elizabeth Lanier there to capture our love and the best weekend of our lives."
Alyssa & Josh